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Delo® Coolants

Delo Coolant / Anti-freeze bottle

Effective coolants are vital to optimizing performance and maximizing engine life.

Delo ELC has dramatically simplified the way cooling systems are maintained, while delivering optimum performance. Our patented organic corrosion inhibitors eliminate the need for supplemental coolant additives and maximize hardware performance and heat transfer over the life of your engine.

Proven Protection — Reduced Costs

Millions of miles of on- and off-road use have proven that Delo ELC products provide exceptional performance and can help reduce cost of use when compared to conventional and fully formulated coolants.

Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant – Concentrate

Imagine a coolant/antifreeze system that requires only these simple steps to achieve a service life of 750,000 miles/12,000 hours/8 years:

  • Use of Delo ELC 50/50 for top-up
  • Regular visual inspection for signs of contamination
  • Bi-annual check for freeze point

That's just what Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant – Concentrate offers.

Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant Premixed 50/50

For your convenience, we also offer a 50/50 mixture of Delo ELC concentrate and deionized water. Delo ELC Antifreeze/Coolant Premixed 50/50 can be used for top-up or initial fill.

Delo FleetFix CME

Delo FleetFix CME has been formulated to provide an easy conversion, maintenance and extender formula in one package to help customers either convert to or maintain Delo ELC performance levels in their coolant systems for diesel engines.

When you use Delo FleetFix CME properly, the Delo ELC coolant will have a service life of 600,000 miles/1,000,000 km/12,000 hours/6 years if correct top-up and maintenance practices are followed.

Delo FleetFix CME can be used by customers with on-road, off-read or industrial cooling systems.

Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant

Delo XLC is a non-nitrited extended life Antifreeze/Coolant formulation for heavy-duty and light duty diesel vehicles and equipment. Delo XLC is formulated with an aliphatic corrosion inhibitor system available as a concentrate and a premix 50/50.

Delo XLC Antifreeze/Coolant products optimize service life – 600,000 miles/1,000,000 km/12,000 hours/6 years with no extender needed.

Provides excellent protection against pitting, corrosion and erosion even on hard to protect metals like aluminum. Use in wide temperature applications – protection against winter freeze up and summer boil-over.

Recommended for heavy-duty engines regardless of fuel type or environmental control being used where the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free coolant. Also, mixed fleets where automobiles, light duty trucks and heavy-duty trucks are being serviced and the OEM recommends a nitrite free, silicate free product.

Please refer to PDS for more information.

Delo ELC PG Antifreeze/Coolant – Premixed 50/50

Delo ELC PG Antifreeze/Coolant – Premixed 50/50 are single phase, propylene glycol type products based on Chevron's patented aliphatic carboxylate inhibitor system with nitrite and molybdate added. Delo Extended Life Coolants/Antifreeze PG do not require the addition of supplemental coolant additives to obtain a service life of 750,000 miles/8 years/ 12,000 hours with correct top-up practices. Delo Extended Life Coolants/Antifreeze PG meet the CAT® EC-1 specification.

Delo ELI Corrosion Inhibitor – Concentrate

Delo® ELI Corrosion Inhibitor is recommended for use in OEM equipment recommending a nitrite free, water based carboxylate based corrosion inhibitor.

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